Bible Reading Plans Plugin for WordPress

This plugin provides the ability to embed Bible reading plans into a post or page using shortcode of the form [bible-reading-plan source=”DBP” reading_plan=”bcp19-acna-twoyear” bible_id=”TRKBST” bible_ot_audio_id=”TRKBSTS2DA” bible_nt_audio_id=”TRKNVSN1DA”]. The last three parameters provide access to audio versions of the Scriptures, this shortcode applies only to the DBP source and provides access to over 2000 Bible versions in nearly 1900 languages, with more versions and languages being added regularly. Three sources for the Scriptures displayed for each plan are available: American Bible Society API, Version 1 (https://API.Bible), The Bible Brain (aka Digital Bible Platform) API, Version 4 (, and the ESV Bible Web Service API, Version 3 (

The American Bible Society API provides more than 20 English language versions (with the potential for more via the Digital Bible Library to acquire the necessary licenses) and the potential of over 1600 languages in a future version of this plugin The Bible Brain API provides 10 English versions and access to over 2000 Bible versions in nearly 1900 languages. In addition, it has audio versions and the potential for video for many of the versions. The ESV Bible Web Service API, Version 3 also provides audio as well as better formatting control. Naturally it provides only the English Standard Version.

The shortcode above yields (see for more examples):